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Land Use

Human use of land & natural resources: issues and discussion.

Land Use: Human use of land & natural resources
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Land use:

The way land is developed and used in terms of the kinds of anthropogenic activities that occur (e.g., agriculture, residential areas, industrial areas). (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

More definitions of land use from the web.

Landscape: The spatial pattern or structure of a geographic area (including its biological composition, its physical environment, and its anthropogenic or social patterns) and is designed to identify repeating patterns associated with dominant land uses in an area. The relative proportion of forest, agriculture, and urban land cover contained in the area also defines a landscape as does the interrelationships between them. (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

There are plenty of Livejournal communities that deal with protection of the natural environment and conservation of natural resources. However, there is far more land devoted to human uses than set aside to be preserved in its natural form. How that land is used will determine whether a region's environment will be healthy. This community is concerned with land use on both a micro and macro level: zoning ordinances that affect how land in your city or county is developed and used, and national laws that determine whether wilderness areas will be preserved, dams built, or air quality protected.

This community is also concerned with whether land is being used to benefit public or private values. Are zoning laws crafted to allow low-income housing, or just 1-acre plots that only the rich can afford to buy and build on? Does the federal government make money off of timber sales, or are we merely subsidizing private enterprise with road-building in our National Forest?

Preservation is one aspect of land use; not only preservation of pristine natural environments, but also preservation of human-created landscapes and structures. Examples would be farmland, historic downtowns, Civil War battlefields, sites of archeological importance.

Feel free to post articles related to any of the interests listed, questions, jokes, opinions, rants, anecdotes. Please used lj-cut for photos or anything above 2-4 paragraphs.